North Shore Bedroom Set For Stunning Decoration

North shore bedroom set consists of many styles and designs. Before purchasing it at the store, you need to see what kind of theme in the room. Medium space is suitable for standard size. For larger space, king or queen category becomes the right choice. Mostly, the design is a classic that represents the old world. Putting this set in the bedroom will make you feel like entering different era.

Fantastic North Shore Bedroom Set

Ashley North Shore Bedroom Set with King Bed, Dresser, Mirror and NightstandAshley North Shore Bedroom with King Bed, Dresser, Mirror and Nightstand

Sleigh is the unique cart that can be found in the western hemisphere and usually for transportation in the snow area. Sleigh has long sliding pad to replace sleigh. This kind of vehicle is popular in folksong or children rhymes. Mostly, the sleigh is pulled by horse or dogs. Unique design and artistic texture of this transportation become inspiration of North Shore Sleigh Bedroom set.

This kind of furniture can enhance room decoration. The material is wood and manufacturer carves traditional pattern. The bed consists of the footboard, mattress place, and headboard. Footboard is styled to look like a front side of a sleigh with curve accent. Headboard picks old ornament to create a historical theme. The designer suggests putting bedroom set with sleigh style in the rustic or classic theme of a room.

North Shore - Five Drawer ChestNorth Shore – Five Drawer Chest

In past time, canopy in a bedroom is for the protective measure. Children use this canopy to place cover and prevent insect or mosquito to fly around a bed. Besides, canopy in the bedroom is usually for luxury bed in a castle or noble house. You may see this bedroom style in the place where queen or princess sleeps.

Functionality and aesthetic are what you can find in North Shore canopy bedroom set. The design looks elegant with four pillars at each corner. The bed is carved with charming ornament. Moreover, the components connect each other with the horizontal line. This bedroom set has a removable cover to let you enjoy the ceiling.

North Shore Queen and King Bedroom Set

Ashley North Shore 6-6 King Sleigh BedAshley North Shore 6-6 King Sleigh Bed

North Shore queen size bedroom set has the length of about 2 meters and 1.5 meters in width. There are many bed sizes with different term and measurement. Queen size is placed below King category. Some countries might call queen size as a double or extended bed.

The bedroom is superior quality with wood as the primary material. Queen size is a bed for one or two people. Before putting queen size bedroom set, you need to measure room space then adjust it with the other furniture. This set is suitable for the medium and large bedroom.

King size in bedroom category is bigger and greater than a queen bed. However, there is no accurate measurement of this magnitude as similar to queen size. Each of countries has their standard. You need more space to put this bedroom set because it spends more space than regular. Above king size, the manufacturer produces super king bedroom set.

North Shore king size bedroom set is more just merely furniture. The design combines classic and modern style with hardwood as material. Some products have a unique feature, such as canopy. To enrich artistic aspect, this product is carved with traditional ornament and pattern. The colors are dark brown or black. If you want to feel like the king with luxury decoration, try this bedroom set in your room.

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